Hi, Girl, 19, student. I who hope you enjoy my blog. Stuff i like:

MANGA/ANIME (snk, evangelion, Haikyuu etc)

Jrock/indie (ONE OK ROCK, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Hello sleepwalkers)

Kpop (BigBang, Infinite)

Ben Howard,

Most movies (Tekkon kinkreet, Colorful, tenshi no koi, Rurouni kenshin)

Studio Ghibli

(So yeah multi fandom blog. Spoilers. Follow at your own risk.)
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whoever came up with this is probably still patting themselves on the back at this very moment

i went to burger king when they got these and the girl said “would you like some satifries? theyre really satifrying.” and the boy behind her goes “shut up” and she goes “hes not satifried with my puns.”